Ministering in Aspiring Communities

Aspiring Neighborhoods:  Black   Hispanic   White  Asian  Native  Islander
Other Communities:   Upscale   Mainstay   Working   Country   Urban


Aspiring Communities Instructions

There are no Aspiring Communities in Wyoming.  That is not to say there are no apartment complexes, but there are no highly concentrated Aspiring areas.

Aspiring Community Ministry Resources

Fortress America: gated communities in the United States
by Edward J. Blakely and Mary Gail Snyde

"Well-grounded in the social science literature on community, FORTRESS AMERICA is a frightening book, a mustread for all those interested in our nation's cities, suburbs, neighborhoods, and communities. Blakely and Snyder take the reader on a well-crafted and lively tour of gated communities in the United States." ‚¬ Society "required reading for the anti-gate set." ‚¬Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times, 5/28/2002

Multi-owned Housing
by Sarah Blandy, Ann Dupuis, Jennifer Dixon

This book is an international, interdisciplinary, edited collection which addresses the issues raised by multi-owned residential developments, now established as a major form of housing throughout the world. The authors, and editors, represent the disciplines which have most to offer such a study: planning, sociology and law. The book aims to theorise the complexities of planning, developing, managing, and living in this type of housing, by drawing on concepts of governance and power. The contri…

Intown Living: A Different American Dream
by Ann Breen and Dick Rigby; maps by Diane Charyk Norris and Charles Norri

The American dream of a single family home on its own lot is still strong, but a different dream of living and prospering in a major city is beginning to take hold. After decades of abandonment by the middle class, a detectable number of people are moving into urban downtown areas. The Intown Living phenomenon is generally powered by people under the age of 40 who are seeking more stimulation than offered in the typical subdivision lifestyle. This book encourages cities and the private developme…

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College
by Harlan Cohen

Looking for the perfect high school graduation gift for your college-bound grad? Now in it's 5th edition, the New York Times bestselling Naked Roommate is the #1 go-to guide on dorm and college life! Harlan Cohen's tips and advice on student life -from sharing a bathroom with 40 strangers to sharing lecture notes-provide the behind-the-scenes look at EVERYTHING freshmen need to know about college (but never knew they needed to know). This essential, fully updated edition is packed with real-lif…

Living Together: multi-family housing today
by Michael J. Crosbie

A interesting portrayal of communal housing in the US and Canada that successfully blends community living with aesthetics. Today, more than ever, multi-family housing is recognised as vital to modern, urban communities. This type of housing requires immense dexterity from an architectural perspective, because while promoting a sense of community living, a sense of aesthetics must also prevail. Michael J. Crosbie has selected more than 45 remarkable examples of multi-family housing for this han…

Multi-Family Housing: the art of sharing
by Michael J. Crosbie

Multi-family housing is acknowledged as a complex residential building type. The architect's design must foster a sense of comunity in an urban setting, while also accommodating the need for a resident's individual space. This new volume documents more than 30 multi-family housing projects from around North America in full-colour photography accompanied by descriptive text. These multi-family projects represent some of the latest design trends in high-density living.

The Senior Cohousing Handbook, 2nd Edition: A Community Approach to Independent Living
by Charles Durrett

"As a Baby Boomer, I've joked for a few years that we'll all end up living communally again because Social Security will be broke...This is one of the better ways to envision it."--Sacramento Bee No matter how rich life is in youth and middle age, the elder years can bring on increasing isolation and loneliness as social connections lessen, especially if friends and family members move away. Senior cohousing fills a niche for this demographic�the healthy, educated, and proactive adults who w…

Community: Pursuing the Dream, Living the Reality
by Suzanne Keller

This book tells the story of how a human community comes to be and how aspirations for the good life confront the dilemmas and detours of real life. Suzanne Keller combines penetrating analysis of classic ideas about community with a remarkable and unprecedented thirty-year case study of one of the first "planned unit developments" in America and the first in New Jersey. Twin Rivers, this pioneering venture, featured townhouses and shared spaces for children's play and adult work and play in a s…

High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century
by Matthew Lasner

Today, one in five homeowners in American cities and suburbs lives in a multifamily home rather than a single-family dwelling. As the American dream evolves, precipitated by declining real estate prices and a renewed interest in city living, many predict that condos will become the predominant form of housing in the 21st century. In this unprecedented study Matthew Gordon Lasner explores the history of co-owned multifamily housing in the United States, from New York City's first co-op, in 1881, …

Behind the gates: life, security, and the pursuit of happiness in fortress America
by Setha Low

"Provocative and disturbing, this much-needed book holds up an unsparing mirror to an unsettling sign of our times." - The New York Times

Campus Confidential: The Complete Guide to the College Experience by Students for Students
by Robert H. Miller

Campus Confidential is the ultimate insider's guide to surviving and thriving in college. Written in a friendly, conversational style, Campus Confidential offers a comprehensive, chronological treatment of the college experience by the author, a Yale graduate, and a blue-ribbon panel of fourteen diverse "mentors" from colleges and universities around the country. But this is not just another fluff-filled freshman handbook. Campus Confidential is the complete guide to the college experience-provi…