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Country Communities

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Country Community Areas

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56011000070BeulahCrookWY827125602Northeast Region46221863ICG02
56011001310Belle FourcheButteSD577175602Northeast Region24881147ICG04
56015000200GuernseyPlatteWY822145602Northeast Region1943745ICG04
56021001200CheyenneLaramieWY820075601South Region53232195ICG01
56021000700AlbinLaramieWY820505601South Region74422777ICG02
56037000820Fort BridgerUintaWY829335601South Region27881095ICG04
56005000970RecluseCampbellWY827255602Northeast Region89883335ICG02
56023000250EtnaLincolnWY831185603West Region65572352ICG02
56001000470LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region36161349ICG04
56001000190BufordAlbanyWY820525601South Region20181002ICG04
56025000890CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region42481892ICG01
56025001030CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region1914886ICG04
56025000910CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region57202133ICG02
56025000980HannaCarbonWY823275602Northeast Region44251592ICG04
56029000510GreybullBig HornWY824265603West Region71183010ICG01
56043000420WorlandWashakieWY824015603West Region27711198ICG04
56045000270UptonWestonWY827305602Northeast Region33751360ICG04
56045000670NewcastleWestonWY827015602Northeast Region37781615ICG04
56007000480AlcovaNatronaWY826205601South Region1383621ICG04
56007000040DixonCarbonWY823235601South Region2492620ICG04
56007000690HaydenRouttCO816395601South Region34791505ICG04
56019000290MandersonParkWY824325602Northeast Region27271104ICG04
56013000390ShoshoniFremontWY826495603West Region41811756ICG02
56013001000RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region1712844ICG04
56013000550PinedaleSubletteWY829415603West Region39431139ICI02
56013000260RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region39791564ICG01
56043001130MandersonParkWY824325603West Region32831270ICG04
56043001290WorlandWashakieWY824015603West Region24141000ICG04
56017000790LysiteFremontWY826425603West Region1892848ICG04
56003000920MeeteetseParkWY824335603West Region2236882ICG04
56033000340SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region67942855ICG02
56031001220ChugwaterPlatteWY822105601South Region64912680ICG02
56031000090ShawneeConverseWY822295602Northeast Region2210962ICG04
56027001080Lost SpringsConverseWY822245602Northeast Region24951045ICG04
56009000450DouglasConverseWY826335602Northeast Region28841088ICG04
56009001190DouglasConverseWY826335602Northeast Region51072292ICG02
56009000050GlenrockConverseWY826375602Northeast Region30791236ICG04
56009000060GlenrockConverseWY826375602Northeast Region28671130ICG04
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A data dictionary describes each column of data and row of data along with a listing of all of the possible entries for each column variable.
You can access the data dictionary here.

Country Community Cultural Resources

Starting a New Life in Rural America: 21 Things You Need to Know Before You Make Your Move
by Ragnar Benson

Has the threat of urban terrorism, debacles like the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or just the general hassle of city life got you thinking about moving to the country? Good idea, but before you pull up stakes, here's a chance to learn about some of the realities of rural living that you might never have faced in your city or suburban home. Ragnar Benson grew up on a farm and has lived in the sticks for decades, and he has helped dozens of transplants settle into their …

Rural People and Communities in the 21st Century: Resilience and Transformation
by David L. Brown, Kai A. Schafft

Rural people and communities continue to play important social, economic and environmental roles at a time in which societies are rapidly urbanizing, and the identities of local places are increasingly subsumed by flows of people, information and economic activity across global spaces. However, while the organization of rural life has been fundamentally transformed by institutional and social changes that have occurred since the mid-twentieth century, rural people and communities have proved res…

Hollowing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What It Means for America
by Patrick J. Carr, Maria J. Kefalas

Watch the book trailer for Hollowing Out the Middle In 2001, with funding from the MacArthur Foundation, sociologists Patrick J. Carr and Maria J. Kefalas moved to Iowa to understand the rural brain drain and the exodus of young people from America's countryside. Articles and books - notably Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class - celebrate the migration of highly productive and creative workers to key cities. But what happens to the towns that they desert, and to the people who are l…

Broken Heartland: The Rise of America's Rural Ghetto
by Osha Gray Davidson

Between 1940 and the mid 1980s, farm production expenses in America's Heartland tripled, capital purchases quadrupled, interest payments jumped tenfold, profits fell by 10 percent, the number of farmers decreased by two-thirds, and nearly every farming community lost population, businesses, and economic stability. Growth for these desperate communities has come to mean low-paying part-time jobs, expensive tax concessions, waste dumps, and industrial hog farming, all of which come with environmen…

Worlds Apart: Poverty and Politics in Rural America, Second Edition
by Cynthia M. Duncan; with foreward by Angela Blackwell

First published in 1999, Worlds Apart examined the nature of poverty through the stories of real people in three remote rural areas of the United States: New England, Appalachia, and the Mississippi Delta. In this new edition, Duncan returns to her original research, interviewing some of the same people as well as some new key informants. Duncan provides powerful new insights into the dynamics of poverty, politics, and community change.

Rural Communities: Legacy and Change
by Cornelia Butler Flora, Jan L Flora

Rural Communities: Legacy and Change examines the diversity of rural America: its unique communities, histories, and social issues. It also considers how rural communities use their increasing connectedness to creatively address modern challenges in the face of increasing globalization and climate change. Focusing on various capitals in rural areas (natural, cultural, human, social, political, financial, and built) this book provides students with an essential framework for understanding rural s…

The Sociology of Rural Life
by Samantha Hillyard

Foot and mouth disease and BSE have both had a devastating impact on rural society. Alongside these devastating developments, the rise of the organic food movement has helped to revitalize an already politicized rural population. From fox-hunting to farming, the vigour with which rural activities and living are defended overturns received notions of a sleepy and complacent countryside. Over the years "rural life" has been defined, redefined and eventually fallen out of fashion as a sociological…

More Scenes from the Rural Life
by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Verlyn Klinkenborg's regular column, The Rural Life, is one of the most read and beloved in the New York Times. Since 1997, he has written eloquently on every aspect, large and small, of life on his upstate New York farm, including his animals, the weather and landscape, and the trials and rewards of physical labor, as well as broader issues about agriculture and land use behind farming today. Klinkenborg's pieces are admired as much for their poetic writing as for their insight: peonies are "th…

Rural Social Work Practice
by Nancy Lohmann (Editor), Roger A. Lohmann (Editor

Featuring contributions from practitioners, researchers, and academics, this volume synthesizes and analyzes current trends in rural social work practice and considers the most effective ways to serve rural communities. Contributors consider the history and development of rural social work from its beginnings to the present day, addressing the value of the Internet and other new information technologies in helping clients. They also examine the effects of nonprofit organizations and welfare refo…

Those Who Work, Those Who Don't: Poverty, Morality, and Family in Rural America
by Jennifer Sherman

When the rural poor prioritize issues such as the right to bear arms, and disapprove of welfare despite their economic concerns, they are often dismissed as uneducated and backward by academics and political analysts. In Those Who Work, Those Who Don't, Jennifer Sherman offers a much-needed sympathetic understanding of poor rural Americans, persuasively arguing that the growing cultural significance of moral values is a reasonable and inevitable response to economic collapse and political powerl…

The essential agrarian reader: the future of culture, community and the land
by edited by Norman Wirzba

The agrarian outlook encourages us to develop practices and policies that promote the health of land, community and culture. This collection features essays by leading agrarians, including Wendell Berry, Vandana Shiva, Wes Jackson, Gene Logsdon, Brian Donahue, Eric Freyfogle, and David Orr. These writers suggest how our society can take practical steps toward integrating soils, watersheds, forests, wildlife, urban areas, and human populations into one great system--a responsible flourishing of o…