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Mainstay Community Areas

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56015000530TorringtonGoshenWY822405602Northeast Region33981429IME01
56015000350LagrangeGoshenWY822215601South Region31731216IME01
56021001180CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region61772690IMC06
56021000370CheyenneLaramieWY820095601South Region76423026IMC01
56021001300F E Warren AFBLaramieWY820055601South Region3084769IME03
56025000730CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region35081281IME01
56025000380CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region60792367IMC02
56037000900Rock SpringsSweetwaterWY829015601South Region2771900IME03
56021001240CheyenneLaramieWY820075601South Region37861354IMC05
56021000760F E Warren AFBLaramieWY820055601South Region24101244IME03
56023000410GroverLincolnWY831225603West Region61831952IMC02
56001000020LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region21481151IME03
56001000620LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region55882345IME06
56001000440LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region66062791IMC02
56001000330LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region35311363IMC05
56001000010LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region2048941IME03
56001000840LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region46932148IME01
56001000030LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region36841944IME06
56025000650CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region74982999IMC01
56025000540CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region47681837IME01
56003000590BasinBig HornWY824105603West Region37821512IME02
56025000310CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region54522395IME01
56025000940CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region32871194IME03
56021000500CheyenneLaramieWY820095601South Region46822054IME01
56029000800GreybullBig HornWY824265603West Region46861869IME01
56029000580CodyParkWY824145603West Region63792672IMC02
56029001260CodyParkWY824145603West Region41041818IME01
56021000830LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region39691623IME01
56021001060CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region41101559IME01
56021001100CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region2450985IME03
56021000860CheyenneLaramieWY820075601South Region81612954IMC01
56029000870PowellParkWY824355603West Region62702432IMC02
56041000210CoalvilleSummitUT840175603West Region76132536IMC02
56041000150Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355603West Region63292292IMC02
56021000570CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region51572073IMC03
56021000490CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region47791847IME01
56021000680F E Warren AFBLaramieWY820055601South Region33741443IMC05
56019001170BuffaloJohnsonWY828345602Northeast Region58682575IMC02
56025001210CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region40781899IME01
56025000720CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region38311673IME01
56039000130JacksonTetonWY830015603West Region2875856IME03
56017000810ThermopolisHot SpringsWY824435603West Region29331390IME01
56013000950RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region59902168IME05
56013000960RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region28781210IME02
56013000710LanderFremontWY825205603West Region39721453IME02
56013000300LanderFremontWY825205603West Region36851652IME01
56013000990RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region56152328IME02
56013000780RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region45621311IME05
56003000220BridgerCarbonMT590145603West Region57232068IMC02
56033001120SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region36691709IME01
56033001140MandersonParkWY824325602Northeast Region48391846IME01
56033001010SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region48892209IME01
56033001280SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region33991511IME01
56021001070CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region1706811IME03
56021000560CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region44241776IMC06
56039000140JacksonTetonWY830015603West Region75702783IMC02
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Mainstay Community Cultural Resources

Habits of the heartland: small-town life in modern America
by Lyn C. Macgregor

Although most Americans no longer live in small towns, images of small-town life, and particularly of the mutual support and neighborliness to be found in such places, remain powerful in our culture. In Habits of the Heartland, Lyn C. Macgregor investigates how the residents of Viroqua, Wisconsin, population 4,355, create a small-town community together. Macgregor lived in Viroqua for nearly two years. During that time she gathered data in public places, attended meetings, volunteered for civic …

The Small Cities Book: On the Cultural Future of Small Cities
by W. F. Garrett-Petts (Editor)

In the twenty-five essays, poems, stories, and visual pieces, the authors of The Small Cities Book explore what it means to live in a smaller community during the era of global megacities. The impact of globalization has heightened concerns around cultural sovereignty, and has raised new issues regarding national and regional identities, cultural autonomy, and authenticity. The Small Cities Book localizes questions of globalization and cultural identity at the municipal level, and explores the c…

Way Off the Road: Discovering the Peculiar Charms of Small Town America
by Bill Geist

"To say it very simply, freezer burn may very well have set in." "neighbor on the frozen dead guy kept on ice in a backyard shed in Nederland, Colorado. "Everybody loves a parade; we were just geographically challenged." David Harrenstein, organizer of a parade in tiny Whalan, Minnesota, where viewers are in motion and the "marchers" stand still. "We haven't lost anyone off these switchbacks in at least ten days" Mailman Charlie Chamberlain, leading us on horseback 2,500 feet down the sheer wa…

Postville: USA: Surviving Diversity in Small-Town America
by Mark A Grey, Michele Devlin, Aaron Goldsmith

Postville is an obscure meatpacking town in the northeast corner of Iowa. Here, in the most unlikely of places, unparalleled diversity drew international media. Now people declare the towns experiment in multiculturalism dead. It was not native Iowans, or the newly-arrived Orthodox Jews, or the immigrant workers who made Postville fail. Postville was stopped in its tracks by a massive raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on May 12th 2008. 20% of the population was arrested, for…

Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy
by Barry J. Moltz, Becky McCray

Technology and economics are transforming business in a completely unexpected way: suddenly, even the largest companies must compete as if they were small, local businesses. Suddenly, your customers can talk to everyone else across the nation, and people listen to them, not your carefully crafted advertising or branding. It's just like doing business in a small town, where "reputation is forever." Suddenly, communities and personal connections are critical to your success - just as they've alway…

Moving to a small town: a guidebook for moving from urban to rural america
by Wanda Urbanska and Frank Leverin

Thinking about leaving the city? Or just wishing you could? You're not alone. America is undergoing a rural renaissance, as countless thousands seek a simpler life and a safe, comfortable community in which to start businesses, raise families, and eventually retire. But finding the town that's right for you isn't always easy. That's why Moving to a Small Town offers a systematic, user-friendly approach to help you locate a community with the ideal culture, climate, and career opportunities. Anec…

Leadership in a small town
by Aaron Wildavsky; with a new introduction by Nelson W. Polsb

Of all the questions that might be asked about political life, it would be difficult to find one of greater interest than the ancient query: who rules over whom? It appeals powerfully to our curiosity. We want to know who "runs" things--who makes policy decisions in New York, Washington, London, or the town in which we live. Is it a single powerful individual, an economic elite, a series of elites, the citizens, political bosses, or some variant of these possibilities? The major purpose of this …

Welcome to Utopia
by Karen Valby

In Welcome to Utopia, quintessential American stories--the mom anxiously sending her sons to Iraq and Afghanistan, teens longing to escape the familiar, old-timers trying to hold onto their roots while the world around them changes--come to life on every page. Karen Valby's extraordinary capacity to observe and empathize helps us understand that whether we live in a small town like Utopia, Texas, or a large city, we confront the same fears and dream the same dreams. Welcome to Utopia celebrates …

Small-Town America: Finding Community, Shaping the Future
by Robert Wuthnow

More than thirty million Americans live in small, out-of-the-way places. Many of them could have chosen to join the vast majority of Americans who live in cities and suburbs. They could live closer to better paying jobs, more convenient shopping, a wider range of educational opportunities, and more robust health care. But they have opted to live differently. In Small-Town America, we meet factory workers, shop owners, retirees, teachers, clergy, and mayors--residents who show neighborliness i…