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Upscale Communities Instructions

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Upscale Community Areas

Upscale Location Selector

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56005000930GilletteCampbellWY827185602Northeast Region88213213IPB03
56005001110GilletteCampbellWY827165602Northeast Region54592069IPB03
56005001090GilletteCampbellWY827185602Northeast Region70202270IPB03
56021000080LagrangeGoshenWY822215601South Region53691925IPA05
56025001020CasperNatronaWY826045602Northeast Region45931662IPA05
56035000100MarbletonSubletteWY831135603West Region39801386IPA05
56035000850JacksonTetonWY830015603West Region61982116IPB01
56037000170Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355601South Region37581144IPA06
56037000520Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355601South Region36491437IPA05
56037001250Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355601South Region64002419IPB03
56037001230Rock SpringsSweetwaterWY829015601South Region45981639IPA05
56037000770Rock SpringsSweetwaterWY829015601South Region32591467IPA06
56037000110Rock SpringsSweetwaterWY829015601South Region25541004IPA06
56037000120LanderFremontWY825205601South Region2081729IPA06
56039001040JacksonTetonWY830015603West Region43721672IPA05
56039000280WilsonTetonWY830145603West Region67582272IPA05
Upscale Community Location Selector

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A data dictionary describes each column of data and row of data along with a listing of all of the possible entries for each column variable.
You can access the data dictionary here.

Upscale Community Cultural Resources

The Paradise Suite: Bobos in Paradise and On Paradise Drive
by David Brooks

In hardcover together for the first time, New York Times columnist David Brooks's acclaimed bestsellers, Bobos in Paradise and On Paradise Drive, with a new introduction by the author David Brooks's insightful, engaging, and hilarious observations on the nature of America and Americans have drawn comparisons to those of Malcolm Gladwell and Jerry Seinfeld. Christopher Buckley applauds him as "the smart, fun-to-read social critic of his generation." In Bobos in Paradise, Brooks coined a term as h…

Suburban Nation (10th Anniversary Edition)
by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Jeff Speck

For a decade, Suburban Nation has given voice to a growing movement in North America to put an end to suburban sprawl and replace the last century's automobile-based settlement patterns with a return to more traditional planning. Founders of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk are at the forefront of the movement, and even their critics, such as Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard, recognized that "Suburban Nation is likely to become this movement's bible."…

White-collar Sweatshop: The Deterioration of Work and Its Rewards in Corporate America
by Jill Andresky Frase

How corporate greed and mismanagement ate the American dream. In the 1990s, before the bubble of the "miracle economy" burst, corporate America grew fat on the miseries of the American worker. Media attention has focused on dot-com disasters, massive layoffs, and explosions of corporate violence. But for those millions of Americans who have neither been laid off nor "gone postal," life at the office has become a nightmare: seven-day-a-week workloads; reduced salaries, pensions, and benefits; vi…

Death by Suburb: how to keep the suburbs from killing your soul
by Dave L. Goetz

A great number of seekers find themselves in the seemingly unreal world of the suburbs. They read spirituality books but find themselves in carpools and coaching soccer, not in monasteries. Dave Goetz, a former pastor, shows that the suburbs are a real world, but a spiritually corrosive one. The land of SUVs and soccer leagues can truly be toxic to the soul. Suburbanites need to understand how the environment affects them and what spiritual disciplines are needed for their faith to survive and t…

Psychology and Consumer Culture: The Struggle for a Good Life in a Materialistic World
by Tim Kasser, Allen D. Kanner, Tim, Ph.D. Kasser, Allen Kanner

This book provides an in-depth analysis of consumerism that draws from a wide range of theoretical, clinical and methodological approaches. Contributors demonstrate that consumerism and the culture that surrounds it exert profound and often undesirable effects on both people's individual lives and on society as a whole. Far from being distant influences, advertising, consumption, materialism and the capitalistic economic system affect personal, social and ecological well-being on many levels. Co…

Commuting Stress: Causes, Effects, and Methods of Coping
by Meni Koslowsky, Avraham N. Kluger, Mordechai Reich

Several people have asked what motivated us to write a book about commut ing, something that we all do but over which we have very little control. As a matter of fact, the general reaction from professional colleagues and friends alike was first a sort of knowing smile followed by some story. Everyone has a story about a personal commuting experience. Whether it was a problem with a delayed bus, a late arrival, broken-down automobiles, hot trains or subways, during the past year we have heard it…