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Working Communities Instructions

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Working Community Areas

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56001000660LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region2813223IWD05
56005000880GilletteCampbellWY827165602Northeast Region64942353IWD03
56005000460GilletteCampbellWY827165602Northeast Region46971780IWD02
56005000640GilletteCampbellWY827165602Northeast Region54222088IWD03
56007000750RawlinsCarbonWY823015601South Region44431720IWD06
56007000740RawlinsCarbonWY823015601South Region40121611IWD02
56015000630Jay EmGoshenWY822195602Northeast Region49441865IWD03
56021000360CheyenneLaramieWY820075601South Region49751839IWD02
56021000430F E Warren AFBLaramieWY820055601South Region40531915IWD02
56023000600La BargeLincolnWY831015603West Region2007668IWD05
56023000180KemmererLincolnWY831015603West Region33531273IWD05
56025001270CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region41181914IWD03
56025000400CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region26851193IWD05
56025001150CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region38781424IWD03
56025000320CasperNatronaWY826045602Northeast Region47141722IWD03
56025001160CasperNatronaWY826045602Northeast Region25471053IWD05
56033000230SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region57862251IWD03
56037000160Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355601South Region46081686IWD02
56037000610Rock SpringsSweetwaterWY829015601South Region57362233IWD02
56037000240Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355601South Region2235929IWD05
56041001050EvanstonUintaWY829305603West Region70982462IWD02
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A data dictionary describes each column of data and row of data along with a listing of all of the possible entries for each column variable.
You can access the data dictionary here.

Working Community Cultural Resources

Blue-collar pop culture: From NASCAR to Jersey Shore
by M. Keith Booker, editor

The terms "blue collar" and "working class" remain incredibly vague in the United States, especially in pop culture, where they are used to express and connote different things at different times. Interestingly, most Americans are, in reality, members of the working class, even if they do not necessarily think of themselves that way. Perhaps the popularity of many cultural phenomena focused on the working class can be explained in this way: we are endlessly fascinated by ourselves. Blue-Colla…

Deer Hunting with Jesus: dispatches from America's class war
by Joe Bageant

A raucous, truth-telling look at the white working poor-and why they hate liberalism.Deer Hunting with Jesus is web columnist Joe Bageant's report on what he learned when he moved back to his hometown of Winchester, Virginia, which-like countless American small towns-is fast becoming the bedrock of a permanent underclass. By turns brutal, tender, incendiary, and seriously funny, this book is a call to arms for fellow progressives with little real understanding of "the great beery, NASCAR-loving,…

Blue Collar Jesus: how Christianity supports worker's rights
by Darren Cushman Wood

Blue Collar Jesus: How Christianity Supports Workers Rights offers the most thorough analysis to date of workers rights from a religious perspective. The book reveals biblical and ethical principles for justice in the work place, and explores the vast and diverse tradition of labor activism among the major Christian factions. From the Roman Catholic Church to the Southern Baptists Convention, Cushman analyzes the history and beliefs that support labor unions. With rich historical and theological…

Nickel and Dimed: on (not) getting by in America
by Barbara Ehrenreich

Our sharpest and most original social critic goes "undercover" as an unskilled worker to reveal the dark side of American prosperity.Millions of Americans work full time, year round, for poverty-level wages. In 1998, Barbara Ehrenreich decided to join them. She was inspired in part by the rhetoric surrounding welfare reform, which promised that a job -- any job -- can be the ticket to a better life. But how does anyone survive, let alone prosper, on $6 an hour? To find out, Ehrenreich left her h…

Labor Rising: The Past and Future of Working People in America
by Richard Greenwald, Daniel Katz

When Wisconsin governor Scott Walker threatened the collective bargaining rights of the state's public sector employees in early 2011, the massive protests that erupted inresponse put the labor movement back on the nation's front pages. It was a fleeting reminder of a not-so-distant past when the "labor question" and the power of organized labor was part and parcel of a century-long struggle for justice and equality in America.Now, on the heels of the expansive Occupy Wall Street movement and mi…

Beyond Guns and God: Understanding the Complexities of the White Working Class in America
by Robert P. Jones

Set aside stereotypes about the white working class and explore the complexities of this major voting block. Public Religion Research Institute's 2012 survey, "Beyond Guns and God," upends many liberal and conservative assumptions about the white working class' affinity with the Tea Party, religiosity, cultural values, and perspectives on the economy, while confirming some established beliefs.

The Working Poor: Invisible in America
by David K. Shipler

"Nobody who works hard should be poor in America," writes Pulitzer Prize winner David Shipler. Clear-headed, rigorous, and compassionate, he journeys deeply into the lives of individual store clerks and factory workers, farm laborers and sweat-shop seamstresses, illegal immigrants in menial jobs and Americans saddled with immense student loans and paltry wages. They are known as the working poor. They perform labor essential to America's comfort. They are white and black, Latino and Asian--men…

Class Reunion: The Remaking of the American White Working Class
by Lois Weis

Noted scholar Lois Weis first visited the town of "Freeway" in her 1990 book, Working Class Without Work. In that book we met the students and teachers of Freeway's high school to understand how these working-class folks made sense of their lives. Now, fifteen years later, Weis has gone back to Freeway for Class Reunion. This time her focus is on the now grown-up students who are, for the most part, still working class and now struggling to survive the challenges of the global economy. Class Re…

The Working Class Majority: America's Best Kept Secret
by Michael Zweig

From reviews of the first edition-"Zweig's investigation of politics goes beyond the electoral, focusing instead on how a broad working-class social movement (often in alliance with segments of the professional middle class) could reshape workplace and community power relations as well as national politics."-The Nation"Those who take (rather than give) orders at work are the working class; at 62 percent of the labor force, they are a majority distracted and diverted from its best interests for s…