Ministering in Hispanic Urban Neighborhoods

Hispanic Neighborhoods:  Upscale   Mainstay   Working   Country   Aspiring  Urban
Hispanic Resources:  Context Resources  Ministry Resources
Community Types:   Upscale   Mainstay   Working   Country   Aspiring  Urban
Cultural Neighborhoods:  Black   Hispanic   Asian   Native   Islander   White 
Living Spaces:   MultiFamily  Student  Military  Correctional  Medical  SingleFamily

Upper Urbano

Native, college-educated,
young professional singles &
couples renting
in urban areas

La Ciudad de Santa Anna

Mexican immigrant, middle-aged
single parents & couples
living in rented apartments

Diaz el Puerto

Foreign-born, lower 
middle income
seniors living alone
in condo units
in multihousing

Arnaz Flats

Caribbean middle-aged 
& senior single
immigrants living in
rented multihousing

Escondido Vistas

South American immigrant
young & middle-aged
couples and their school
aged children

Universidad Square

Native young single 
university students
living in apartment rentals

Hispanic Urban Neighborhoods

There are no Urban Communities in Wyoming.  That is not to say there are no "urban areas," however, we define urban on a national scale based on high density of population.