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Black Foreign Born Neighborhoods

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Black Foreign Born Areas

Black Foreign Born Location Selector

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56001000440LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region66062791IMC02M32320483203200000161600000000000001616
56001000030LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region36841944IME06M100010010000000000000001001000000000000
56001000660LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region2813223IWD05W38038570000035323221200100000000000380
56001000840LaramieAlbanyWY820705601South Region46932148IME01M10110000000000000000000000010
56001000620LaramieAlbanyWY820725601South Region55882345IME06M852164757500750000000000000000000750
56003000920MeeteetseParkWY824335603West Region2236882ICG04C30330000000000000000303000033
56005000930GilletteCampbellWY827185602Northeast Region88213213IPB03P105307510510500105000000000000000000000
56005001110GilletteCampbellWY827165602Northeast Region54592069IPB03P10100000000000000000000000010
56007000750RawlinsCarbonWY823015601South Region44431720IWD06W70700000000000000000000000000
56007000480AlcovaNatronaWY826205601South Region1383621ICG04C30333003000000000000000000030
56013000780RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region45621311IME05M100101000000000000000001000010001010
56013000990RivertonFremontWY825015603West Region56152328IME02M10110000000000000000100010000
56019000290MandersonParkWY824325602Northeast Region27271104ICG04C10100000000000000000000000011
56021001200CheyenneLaramieWY820075601South Region53232195ICG01C30300000000000000000000000030
56021001100CheyenneLaramieWY820015601South Region2450985IME03M77077070000000000000000000000
56021000080LagrangeGoshenWY822215601South Region53691925IPA05P380383800000000000000000000000380
56025000310CasperNatronaWY826095602Northeast Region54522395IME01M8508500000000000000000000000000
56025001150CasperNatronaWY826015602Northeast Region38781424IWD03W60610000000001010000000000000060
56029000870PowellParkWY824355603West Region62702432IMC02M130131300000000000002021103080053
56029000510GreybullBig HornWY824265603West Region71183010ICG01C340343600000000220000003403400003434
56029001260CodyParkWY824145603West Region41041818IME01M59059590000000000000000590590000590
56033001010SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region48892209IME01M10100000000000000000000000000
56033001280SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region33991511IME01M451926454500450000000000000000000450
56033000230SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region57862251IWD03W2020020200200000000000000000000000
56033000340SheridanSheridanWY828015602Northeast Region67942855ICG02C40440000000000000000404000040
56037000520Green RiverSweetwaterWY829355601South Region36491437IPA05P55055050000000000000000000000
56037000900Rock SpringsSweetwaterWY829015601South Region2771900IME03M1001082020000000000000200000282
56039001040JacksonTetonWY830015603West Region43721672IPA05P210210000000000000000000000002112
56043001130MandersonParkWY824325603West Region32831270ICG04C2929029290290000000000000000000000
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A data dictionary describes each column of data and row of data along with a listing of all of the possible entries for each column variable.
You can access the data dictionary here.

Black Ministry Resources

African American Church Leadership
by Lee N. June (Editor

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Church planting in the African-American context
by Hozell C. Francis

One in every six churches in the United States is African-American. So, given the church's central role in the black community, why is the number of unchurched African-Americans increasing? How can you plant a church that proclaims with power and relevance the unchanging gospel to our changing African-American culture? Drawing from his wealth of experience, Hozell Francis gives you both the theory and practice for raising up a church in today's black community. You'll find out how to: - Shape a …

The New Wine Experience: A Leadership Model for Church Planting in the African-American Context
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A Leadership Model For Church Planting in the African-American Context

Welcoming Justice: God's Movement Toward Beloved Community
by Charles Marsh, John M. Perkins

It was not that long ago that African Americans and other minorities were excluded from many spheres of American public life. We have seen remarkable progress in recent decades toward Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of beloved community. But this is not only because of the activism and sacrifice of a certain generation of civil rights leaders. It happened because God was on the move.Historian and theologian Charles Marsh partners with veteran activist John Perkins to chronicle God's vision for mo…

Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross: African-Descended Evangelical Identity
by Walter Arthur McCray

Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross defines. It advocates authentic definition for Blacks of an Evangelical persuasion-those who are intentional and labeled, or incipient and latent in the Black Church. It positively presents Black Evangelical faith by defining a pro-Black self-determination in Christ that is missional from African-America into the world. Scripture permeates this holistic conversation, as it wrestles with issues that are germane to American Blacks. It weaves the racial and cultural…

Restoring at-risk communities
by edited by John M. Perkin

This comprehensive handbook to urban ministry introduces and shows how to implement a Christian community development program.

New Wine, New Wineskins: How African American Congregations Can Reach New Generations
by F. Douglas Powe Jr.

God wants to do a new thing in the African American Church. Author, Douglas Powe suggests that the African American church, while once the bedrock of the community, is no longer on the radar for many. During the Civil Rights movement African American churches initiated and even shaped transformation for an entire country, well beyond their own walls. In this post-Civil Rights era the power of many African American churches remains mired in the assumptions and practices of the past, thereby makin…

Multidimensional Ministry for Today's Black Family
by Wallace Charles Smith (Foreword), Johnny B., Ph.D. Hill (Editor

A holistic view of the multiple dimensions of black family life is offered in this resource. It has practical steps for establishing, organizing, and maintaining a thriving family life ministry in local congregations. It gives models of churches engaged in ministry to black families and offers ideas for establishing critical links and partnerships with local and federal agencies. It also includes non-profits and for-profit resources and the contribution of many experts in a variety of fields. It…

African American church growth: 12 principles of prophetic ministry
by Carlyle Fielding Stewart

Filling a need not previously addressed, African American Church Growth contends that it is the prophetic consciousness which appeals to many blacks of the post-civil rights era, and that emphasis on the prophetic will help bring the black church out of the disillusionment of a "post-civil rights malaise". Carlyle Fielding Stewart defines prophetic ministry as a concern for wholeness of the individual and community. Going beyond a simple call for social justice, the author addresses both spir…

Hip-Hop Redemption: Finding God in the Rhythm and the Rhyme
by Ralph Basui Watkins

Hip hop culture is experiencing a sea change today that has implications for evangelism, worship, and spiritual practices. Yet Christians have often failed to interpret this culture with sensitivity. Sociologist, preacher, pop culture expert, and D.J. Ralph Watkins understands that while there is room for a critique of mainstream hip hop and culture, by listening more intently to the music's story listeners can hear a prophet crying out, sharing the pain of a generation that feels as though it h…